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Doctor Who A History of Humankind

Doctor Who A History of Humankind

SKU: 9781405926539

A history book 'improved' by the Twelfth Doctor, with annotations, scribblings, and his trademark snarky humour!

Over billions of years of time travel, the Doctor has run into his fair share of important people - and he's formed opinions on most of them too. Now the Twelfth Doctor has got hold of a history textbook from Coal Hill School, and he's decided to improve it with notes of his own.

From Nefertiti to Robin Hood, this essential Doctor's guide gives us his unique take on Earth's most famous historical figures. Through annotations, scribblings and his trademark snarky humour, the Doctor has plenty to say about the pudding-brained humans he's met on his travels. It's history . . . but perhaps not quite as you know it!

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