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Gravitrax The Game - Flow
  • Gravitrax The Game - Flow

    SKU: 4005556270170

    Put your marble-run engineering skills to the ultimate test! In the Flow the ball finds its way through the FlexTube and must handle height differences by adding a small transparent level.

    The modular, electronic-free, interactive track system of GraviTrax becomes a challenging brainteaser as builders think their way through increasingly difficult challenges.

    How does the ball get from start to finish when, for example, only four height stones, three curves, and two rails are available to build the railway?

    Creative engineering becomes an adventure in problem-solving with this impact-themed GraviTrax game. Encourages spatial reasoning, logic, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity


    Includes 30 task cards, 2 hexagonal base plates, small transparent level, starting stone, ball, 2 FlexTubes, 11 large height stones, small height stone, 7 curves, intersection, long plastic rail, 2 medium plastic rails, 3 short plastic rails, swivel, 2 base stones, inserts for the base stones (catcher, target)


    Fully compatible with all other GraviTrax sets - Sold separately


    A challenge game for 1 player

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