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Harry Potter Loteria Game

Harry Potter Loteria Game

SKU: 700304156419
  • Host an unforgettable family game night all year round with this traditional loteria game featuring artwork and illustrations from Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This bilingual board game (juego de mesa) is a simple game of chance perfect for family game night and fun for all ages that grows social, memory, and educational skills - words are in both Spanish and English for language assistance.
  • HOW TO PLAY: If you’ve played bingo, you’ll love loteria! Appoint one person to draw cards from the face-down pile in the center. Each time a card is revealed, players place a token on the corresponding spot on their tabla (board). The first player to have four tokens in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row, four corners or a squared pattern and shouts “Finite!” is the winner.
  • This collectible Harry Potter game is officially-licensed and features artwork and illustrations of characters and references from Harry Potter films.
  • Includes 54 cards, 12 tablas (player boards), 100 Platform 9 ¾ Tokens, Rules
  • 2-12 Players | Ages 4+ | 15 Minute Play Time
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