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Puzzle Challenges

Each year, during the first few months of spring, the Puzzle People have hosted a number of puzzle challenges open to the public, with a bid to raise money for various charities. At the events, anyone from the community can participate in a specific yearly challenge and we hold a barbeque, sales of donated second- hand puzzles and various raffles and other such contests to add to the tally. Recipients of the donations over time have included Epilepsy Tasmania, Jireh House, LI-VE Tasmania and Speak Up Stay Chatty.

Puzzle Challenge 2019.jpg

      The Ravensburger 40,324 Piece "Mickey" puzzle from our 2019 challenge resides in the shop's "Puzzler's Heaven" room. 40,

Each year, the challenges are run by Maria and Glenn Noble, who work tirelessly to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Check out the fruits of their efforts and accomplishments below...

The Puzzle Challenges

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