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"The Puzzle People" is a locally owned Tasmanian store and specialises in puzzles, toys, DVD and collectibles.
  • Are you affiliated with the ABC Shop?
    The ABC Shops sadly closed about seven years ago and ABC Commercial closed down its online retail in late 2018. "The Puzzle People" is Tasmanian owned and we are purely independent. We use accredited suppliers of any of the ABC products though.
  • Is "The Puzzle People" an Australia wide chain?"
    No. We are a one-off shop and now on-line retailer. Our only shop is located in Richmond, Tasmania.
  • Are there any plans to launch any other branches of "The Puzzle People" in other states?"
    Unfortunately, not at this stage, but that is the reason why we have re-launched our online retail site. We want to extend our services further afield!
  • Do you use accredited suppliers?
    Yes, all of our suppliers are accredited and allow us to carry the products that we sell on our catalogue. We deal with some of the best suppliers in the business!
  • Why shop with "The Puzzle People"?"
    We are a small business that relies on word of mouth from our regulars and locals and basically small businesses need all the help they can get in this time of flux and indecision. We charge fair prices for our products (often under recommended retail price), we believe in our products and we offer the best service that we can.
  • Did "A Bit Curious" relocate shops recently?"
    Yes we did... We were merged and encompassed into "The Puzzle People" in Richmond and relocated to their site away from the city centre.
  • Are there more products available than is showing on your website?
    Yes, absolutely! We have a full range of stock in our shop in Richmond. We can take enquiries and orders over the phone on (03) 6237 0088, or our email address, which is
  • Are your payment methods secure on your website?
    Absolutely! We have all of the correct security in place on our website, as powered by!
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