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Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre Play Set

Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre Play Set

SKU: 5029736072001

Character - Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre Playset

Product Details

  • Includes A Working Zipwire, Platform with Pulley and Training Dolly, Control Centre Desk and More
  • Includes Articulated Fireman Sam Figure
  • Portable Plays

Fireman Sam can practice his emergency drills, using the firefighter’s pole. Simply clip him in and watch him spin down to the floor! ZIP LINE Fireman Sam can perfect his zipline techniques – watch him ‘zip’ to the end of the line! It’s time to train for heroic rescues with the training dolly and working winch and stretcher. The fire station doors open and are scaled for play with the Character toys Jupiter Fire Engine (which can be bought separately).

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