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Genius Gems
  • Genius Gems

    SKU: 716053037138

    Each player receives their own Genius Gems grid and a set of the ten, double-sided clusters of gems. Roll five of the dice inside the shaker and they will land in the five coloured wells. Now race your opponent to fill every space on the grid using the ten clusters, so that the patterns shown on the dice appear simultaneously on the grid, in the correct colours.


    All 10,794 puzzles have at least one possible solution. As soon as somebody finishes first, re-roll the dice and play again! Will you stick to using the basic dice, or up the ante and include the dastardly and/or devilish dice?


    There may be times when it seems impossible, but there will ALWAYS be at least one solution… and that’s what makes it a ‘Genius’ game!

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