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Gravitrax Extension Flextube
  • Gravitrax Extension Flextube

    SKU: 4005556269785

    Ravensburger GraviTrax Action Pack FlexTube Interactive Track System is flexibly connects different heights. By turning it slightly, the FlexTube can be brought into a wide variety of shapes in 60-degree increments. Whether u-shape or s-shape, the FlexTube adapts exactly to the respective situation on the track. Combined with a starter set, speeds on the track can be controlled even better. In order to bridge even more height in the future, the expansion also includes 4 height stones. In how many different places on the ball track can the 4 FlexTubes be installed. With gravitrax, building fun has free rein. This track system can be expanded infinitely through extensions, which guarantees limitless building and playing fun. By freely designing the ball tracks and exploring the rolling and flight behavior of the balls, the understanding of science is sharpened and gravity can be experienced up close.

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