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In a Flash Firefighters Game
  • In a Flash Firefighters Game

    SKU: 4010168250687
    • This racing tile placement game is perfect for 2-4 players ages 5 and up. The game plays in several rounds where players race to get their hose to the fire hydrant and call "water on!".
    • The first person to reach their hydrant wins a firefighting medal, but the game isn't over! Now there is a handicap for the next round!
    • The winner of the round must move their hydrant farther away from the fire, while the player with the least amount of tiles can move their hydrant one space closer to the fire.
    • Younger, less experience players have a shot at the win, while older, more experienced players are still challenged to do their very best. The first to collect 3 firefighter medals wins the game!
    • Contents include: 4 game boards (each made up of 2 parts), 60 hose tiles, 5 starting tiles, 9 firefighting medals, 1 water hose nozzle tile, 4 wooden fire hydrants, 1 rule book.
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