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Star Wars Top Trumps Battle Mat Game

Star Wars Top Trumps Battle Mat Game

SKU: 5036905049290

Thirty of the most remarkable heroes and treacherous foes in the galaxy have assembled for one last battle in Top Trumps Battle Mat: The Skywalker Saga! The classic, competitive card game gets a tabletop twist complete with a custom game board and tokens to mix up gameplay.

Relive all the shoot-outs, dogfights, twists and betrayals from one of the most enduring and revered cinematic space operas of all time in this two-player game which covers Star Wars Episodes I to IX. This officially-licensed edition features photography from the movies, plus custom bios that tell you everything you need to know about the characters. With categories including Ambition, Leadership and the Top Trumps Galactic Legend rating, you must deploy your knowledge of this expansive universe to outsmart your opponents and claim every card for your own. Will General Grievous see you to victory with his Leadership stat, or will Lando Calrissian’s Style stat leave your foes in the dust? Shuffle the deck and choose your cards wisely to find out…

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